Why does it seem that workspace is the only option? Increase your company’s value by gaining access to various entertainment activities, such as shopping, watching movies, and eating delicious meals.

The real estate industry’s growth has a far-reaching impact on people’s lives. CP 67 has done an excellent job of providing customers with home-like ease, office efficiency, shopping, and entertainment in retail spaces available for rent, lease, or sale.


At CP 67, we are dedicated to ensuring that the relationship between commercial property and the lives of those around us is enriched. We make sure that your experience is enjoyable.
Mohali, a constantly changing Tricity region, is looking for spaces that will accommodate and build efficiencies for its daily journey and desire for growth. With the establishment of CP.67, the area has seen a paradigmatic shift in IT hub development.

The most important aspect of a good self-environment is that it be welcoming. It really should give unconditional love, warmth, and care. It must demonstrate that other people are valued and deserving of being nourished, encouraged, appreciated, and connected.


  • Smart commercial spaces
  • Well connected location
  • Secure and safe biometric access
  • Modernized amenities and infrastructure
  • Longest frontage on the international airport road
  • Mixed-Use Development
  • Three state catchment area
  • Easy access to the main highway
  • Parking space with two levels

The goal of CP.67 is to give you modernized commercial space in the Mohali area. It will have high-tech retail spaces as well as business amenities. Surprisingly, CP 67 is known for developing commercial spaces and has created high-end developments in various locations. CP.67 has been built on the prime international airport road of Mohali, making it globally connected with the catchment area of three states.

We have commercial spaces with excellent amenities so that our customers will not ever be dissatisfied. In Mohali and Chandigarh, this complex will become the epicenter of national and international business. The development will be central to prime areas of aerocity, Mohali, Chandigarh, which is well-known as one of the city’s business hubs.

One of the most significant aspects of CP.67 is the modified retail spaces and design. This sticks out among the number of business establishments in the locality. The real estate investment deal with us offers substantial profit margins for investors. As a result, our commercial shops have been in excellent condition since their start. We have always strived to be the most up-to-date business address in the Mohali and Chandigarh regions and nearby cities. As a result, now is the best time to learn all the facts about its marketing exercise.

The Best Business Address And An Unmatched Investment

CP 67 is a one-of-a-kind business location in every aspect! Located at the main business hub, CP 67 provides you with more footfall volume, which translates to increased revenue for your company. The stylish, move-in-ready retail spaces will provide you with much-needed relief from renovations and remodeling.

All the retail units in Mohali have a large front space to display a wide range of products. We are constantly striving to improve your customers’ shopping experiences.


Future Ready Offices
Future Ready Offices

Technologically driven spaces to grow business efficiently!

Future Ready Offices
Well Connected Location

Better the connectivity, the more ease is the convenience!

Future Ready Offices

A comfortable and modern lifestyle contributes to luxury!