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Everything should be included in the planning for a new business. Your preferred space may lead you to choose hotel rooms or office space. Hotel rooms strive to provide the most pleasing possible environment for your personal use or business.

Our hotel rooms provide a polished lifestyle while covering all of your everyday requirements. To fit today’s lifestyle, we bring everything to hotel rooms with every convenience under one roof.


Thoughtfully designed spacious hotel rooms with refined living spaces having unsurpassed views of the mountains mark the pinnacle of luxury in the heart of Mohali.

Fully furnished rooms with carefully curated furniture, premium home appliances, and high-quality finishes and furnishings create an atmosphere of sophistication. They offer spaces that are as functional as they are elegant.

Hotel rooms are also a dynamic commercial option that aims to give clients and investors a competitive advantage. Our skilled teams have altered the industry and generated how organizations view commercial sectors as we strive to provide our investors and clients outstanding services.

Our hotel rooms, styled with a royal touch, guarantee your complete satisfaction with the excellent facilities and services supplied. We believe that transparency is the best way to ensure the safety and legality of properties. Our purpose is to provide you with good value for your investment.

Whether your company is new or not, if you have a CP.67 address, you can never be late with your growth prospects. Our strong ties to well-known businesses and broad reach will assist you in attaining your mission and vision.

CP.67, a place that will make you sure to invite your loved ones to your apartment. The apartment is well-equipped with amenities such as spacious corridors and a pleasant environment in which to live. CP.67 is a prominent name in the Tricity real estate market, incorporating all of the features of hotel rooms.


The apartments have already been constructed to allow plenty of natural daylight,cross-ventilation, and a breathtaking garden view. We have introduced special and additional benefits to improve your life. We’ll make sure you’re proud to call CP.67 your home. Our location has gotten a lot of attention. Almost every necessary amenity is available in our hotel rooms.

Every individual nowadays prefers to live a luxurious lifestyle and indulge in it. It was when the idea of creating excellent and contemporary craftsmanship that exemplifies luxury living was developed. It is situated in the Mohali Aerocity.

CP.67 – Mohali’s Most Luxury Hotel Rooms epitome of modern, sophisticated living, combining luxury, fantastic architecture, and superior engineering. A place that truly captures the essence of excellent living. Moreover, we are advertising for our hotel rooms on sale in the Mohali region.

Appealing features

  • Assured and attractive rentals
  • Top-notch finishing
  • Spacious rooms

We’ve taken contemporary living to a whole new level, ideally suited to a modern, family lifestyle.

To provide exceptional service, we are devoted to our apartments’ quality, luxury, and prime location, providing all services necessary for our clients to enjoy their living at CP.67!

We are here to provide our clients the best hotel rooms for sale or rent in Mohali. Our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our client’s satisfaction is our utmost priority. We have well-furnished hotel rooms that are equipped with all the modern amenities of hotel room.


Future Ready Offices
Future Ready Offices

Technologically driven spaces to grow business efficiently!

Future Ready Offices
Well Connected Location

Better the connectivity, the more ease is the convenience!

Future Ready Offices

A comfortable and modern lifestyle contributes to luxury!