Whenever talk of the entertainment gets emphasized, the idea of hosting cineplexes hit firstly in mind. As PVR is a leading global multiplex, CP 67 is bringing a unique pack of entertainment for consumers that Mohali would not have experienced before.

CP 67 aims to position itself as the best out-of-home entertainment destination in the country. In simple words, it would be a place that spreads happiness, permitting a patron to enjoy a 3-hour movie, and providing a complete family entertainment experience.


By focusing on customer comfort, modern screening/ projection/ sound technology are all covered by the PVR cinemas firmly across the country. PVR at CP 67 seeks a strategy of ‘marvelous movie-going experience.’

It means not only watching the film on-screen is crucial but also offering other services. It includes a 360-degree precise experience from the time the customer books the ticket to enjoying the popcorn moments to the time he/she exits.

Beyond this, you can go with the amazing presented restaurants and happening places to experience with friends and families.


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