The Homeland Chandigarh Horseshow

The Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show, India's largest annual equestrian festival, featured top-notch equestrian competition, extraordinary social events, devoted spectators, and an unforgettable flair.

It was held at the customary showgrounds at The Ranch, New Chandigarh, and featured top equestrian competitors from India competing in the jumping, dressage, and tent pegging disciplines. This year saw the first Chandigarh Derby and the debut of the city's first sports horse auction.

The Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show held its DERBY DAY on the LAST of its three carnival days, which featured EXEMPLARY horsemanship and entertainment. On Derby Day, the DERBY EVENT, a magnificent, opulent, and genuine championship in the equestrian world, was held for the first time in North India. A captivating jumping course, natural obstacles, perilous falls, and ONE CHAMPION made for the most thrilling Day ever witnessed by spectators.

However, it didn't end there. People witnessed performances unlike any other, the very special GALA, and the 6-BAR event, where the height keeps rising when the rider completes the round with 6 consecutive jumps.

Additionally, a unique horse parade featuring miniature horses was organized. These miniature horses included pure-bred Arabians from France, small Shetlands from Scotland, and traditional Gypsy Cob stallions imported from Ireland. Evening events included a fashion show where miniature horses strutted the catwalk alongside the models.

The Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show was inaugurated on November 4 at 11 a.m. by Dr. Gurpreet Kaur Mann, wife of Punjab CM Bhagwant Mann.

Constable Ajay Marathe won the derby competition on the last day of the Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show, while Head Constables Sandeep Singh and Gurjeet Singh finished second and third, respectively. The chief guest on the final day was Kultar Singh Sandhwan, Speaker of the Punjab Legislative Assembly, and Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer, Cabinet Minister Punjab.

The final day's "Open Horse Auction" was a special feature of the Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show, which was held at "The Ranch" in New Chandigarh.

In this auction, Warm Blood, Arabian, Gypsy, Marwari, and other types of horses were offered.

The organizers of the Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show provided thorough information on this by holding a press conference at the Press Club. Speaking about the first national-level auction sale of sports and rare breeds of horses held in India were Harsukhinder Singh and Bubby Badal, the founder of the BabbiBadal Foundation. Everyone was welcome to attend the open auction. There were no reserve prices, and the auction started at 11 am.

At this press conference, Deepinder Singh Brar, Harjinder Singh Khosa, Ranjit Brar, and Sajneet Singh Sandhu joined Harsukhinder. A significant equestrian event in the area, the Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show also provided a carnival atmosphere for the general public. The equestrian competitions this year, which began on November 2, culminated in a 3-day mega carnival from Friday, November 4, to Sunday, November 6.

Dressage, show jumping, and tent pegging competitions in equestrian sports were held at the exhibition. Every competition followed the rules established by the Equestrian Federation of India (EFI).

They had previously provided information about the show's schedule, which was as follows: the opening ceremony will be held on November 2 with tent pegging and a children's gymkhana program, followed by children's show jumping on November 3 and a horse parade on November 4. On November 4, there was also a dog acrobatics performance planned.

A horse high jump competition was held on November 5. The event of Derby Day and prize giving took place on November 6. This year, the Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show was a more exciting event than ever.

The week-long event, which was planned in collaboration with the Bubby Badal Foundation, was thrilling for everyone. On Sunday, November 6, the Chandigarh Derby was first featured on the show, which was sponsored by Pioneer Toyota. It showcased the best horse and rider combination over 1100 meters of natural obstacles.

The Homeland Chandigarh Horse Show attracted about 15,000 spectators this year, driven by last year's response. At this eagerly anticipated performance, guests were treated to specially curated food booths, unusual children's games, horse conversations, arena walks with live music in the background, and other events.

Homeland, the top real estate company in the area, served as the official title sponsor of the Chandigarh Horse Show this year as a sign of our dedication to fostering equestrian culture there.