Serenely divided and spread across a well-sized part of CP 67, the Food Arena has put itself on the corporate guide for the right reasons.

The younger generation is constantly searching for a resting spot, relaxing and enjoying themselves to their hearts’ delight. Because it will house prominent food chains and gourmet cafes, CP.67 will become a millennial hotspot.


A fast approach to digitalization, thinking, and acting inside networks are prominent in our own and expert lives. It prompts exceptional shades of culinary joy. As an end, it draws out the realistic understanding of themes like coordinated effort, offer, and co-formation of outlining “we” culture.

The food field has inhaled new life into shared feasting regions since people think about the communication, collaboration, economy, culture, and more vital angles needed in regular daily work.

The site will also include a microbrewery, which will attract a big crowd. So, whether you’re searching for some street cuisine or a gourmet dining experience, CP.67 will become your favorite go-to spot.

Nonetheless, casual meet-ups in an informal setting support imaginative thinking that assists workers with making groundbreaking thoughts or observing expected collective strengths.

An excellent meal is essential after an insane shopping binge. To guarantee that you have the best eating experience with your family, mates, and friends, we offer a broad range of branded eateries to look over. Our eateries can serve you the best meal and please your taste buds.

Regardless of whether you wish to enjoy the taste of high-end restaurants in Mohali or the enthusiastic buzzing about a food court, CP 67 has the eateries to satisfy your food cravings. CP 67 contains top F&B brands on board with options from Oriental to Italian and cafes that serve various cooking styles. A light meal or a fantastic supper is your choice to eat. Moreover, we have a variety of sweet shops in the Mohali area.

Unlimited Food Options To Serve Your Appetite

The most surprising food court in Mohali awaits you at CP 67. We understand that food is an essential part of every family outing. It is the reason we offer you the best of food options under our rooftop. Look over the best cuisines and delights of your enjoyment. Here you may get confused about food choices after exploring our variety of food options and restaurants in Mohali. So get set to treat your taste buds.

Whether it’s an evening snack, a blistering mug of coffee, or a relaxing dinner with associates or family, go on a break to re-energize, refuel and enjoy a variety of eating choices.

CP 67 in Mohali consistently makes for an incredible home base spot. However, clamoring with crowds at the end of the week, the vast area makes it a well-known outing spot. The food court at CP 67 is well-planned with all the required amenities. There are various restaurants to explore, covering the most cherished cooking styles, and the food court itself is built into a pleasant environment.

Food Arena Key Benefits:

  • Top FnB brands on board
  • Best culinary experience
  • Biggest rooftop in Mohali
  • First al fresco sitting in Mohali


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