• Food Arena
Comfortably spaced and spread across a sizeable part of CP 67, the Food Arena has put itself on the corporate map for all the right reasons.

More and more organizations with the food arena nowadays are more than just a place where you can have a good break between your work. Such an environment is becoming a place to take time out of your day and enjoy your relaxing time. Moreover, it boosts communication skills and enhances networks.


A rapid advent of thinking, digitalization, and acting within networks are playing a dominant role in our personal and professional lives. It leads to unique havens of culinary delight. As a conclusion, it brings out the practical understanding of topics such as collaboration, share, and co-creation of framing “we” culture.

The food arena has breathed new life into shared dining areas because people come to know about the communication, interaction, economy, culture, and more crucial aspects required in everyday working routine.

Your spending would go worth on delectable meals. But, along with it, a food hub is a gathering place where connecting has a new form- exchange of ideas and enhancing understanding in-between the corporate world and social life.

However, informal meet-ups in a relaxed environment encourage creative thinking that helps employees create new ideas or recognize potential synergies.


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