5 things to consider when choosing office space in Mohali (Chandigarh)

In these ambitious times, we thrive by adding values to our beings with the sole aim to keep going up the ladder. In doing so, the work has become our only passion and the office has become our second home, hence in the process of achieving success, one of the important value additions we can do to prosper is by choosing the right office space wisely. The significance of choosing the right office space gives a lot of perspective about the business to both, the clients and the employees. It allows people to think about what you do, how you do and how seriously the venture is being driven by their owner(s).

The 5 factors that make your decision while choosing an office space can be:

1. Location
2. Promoters
3. Architecture
4. Pricing
5. Vision

Location: Business is all about people that is why it is important to talk about Location first especially when choosing an office space in Mohali (Chandigarh). This is considered to be the game changing decision while buying a workspace as it tells a lot about the brand image of your business. Numerous vital components like surroundings, connectivity, safety and proximity from important institutes and buildings defines the logic of Location. The more central it is, better the scope is of being called as a prime area of the city or it could be a part of an institutional hub/corporate park which might be located on the outskirts and in both cases it helps to create an impression of your brand with added advantages of seamless connectivity and safe environment. Buyers and sellers always emphasize on location as it is widely known to be the proven ingredient of a successful business.

Promoters:  Second most important factor is the brand you want to get associated with; a buyer’s homework includes filtering the best promoter/builder. There are many developers that design and deliver office spaces in Mohali (Chandigarh), offering attractive deals but a smart buyer always know to look at things above and beyond which includes the quality of promoter’s past projects and adherence to timelines. If the builder is into developing mix-use property, the chances of having an impressive track-record are higher. A promoter or developer’s image depends on just two things – delivering the projects on time and the construction quality of the same. Bigger the promoter, better are the chances of coming up to buyer’s expectations as they also have to maintain their goodwill and unlike small developers they don’t have difficulty in attaining required licenses and permissions which are the main reasons of the delay.

Architecture: Both attract both - whether it is the architecture of office space or the building in which you want to inhabit the office space, attracts both the clients and the employees. From personnel viewpoint, an aesthetically designed office space offers warm ambiance and a soothing experience that works as a stress-buster while dealing with the professional challenges throughout the day. Icing on the cake would be the scope to customize the office space as per the brand of the business that resonates with the working culture as well. Having offered the flexibility of expanding the office as the business grows with time also is the architecture’s brilliance.

Pricing:  Now let’s talk about where the world revolves around. Having said all that above, money is still the only factor that can make or break the deal. Affordability will remain the prime factor for a buyer who also has to consider the amount of workforce he will be bringing in. Pricing is done by the developer by keeping mainly the things that we have talked above plus the size of office space in offering, maintenance costs if any, furnished or non-furnished. The kind facilities are being offered by the promoters along with how modernized and technically efficient the infrastructure they are providing constitutes the final cost. Usually the brands like Homeland Group and Unity Group are people’s choice as they have track record of delivering authenticity and value for money projects in Mohali (Chandigarh) and Delhi NCR.

Vision:  We all know that an office can do wonders for the brand image of a venture. A buyer who is looking to buy office space should also capitalize on this factor, as the office address has the power to become the signature of a business. If a business that is already growing, would always like to keep its brand value intact, hence would never compromise the importance of an office address. The entrepreneurs always look at the bigger picture while making investments, the returns on the same will always be the area of interest which is why anything that could add the value to their brand eventually giving more appreciation in the investments made, will incentivize them.

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