• IT Space
With the advancement in technology, businesses are getting two-step ahead to get established in terms of infrastructure, services and facilities. For every business to kick start on a great note, IT space is mandatory to work on efficiently.

Be it for education or jobs, people choose Mohali because of the vast opportunities and possibilities it holds. With well-flourished businesses in education and the modern corporate sector, CP67 has built a well-diversified portfolio of repute.

What’s CP67 Bringing Better?

While extending its roots in the Indian IT hub, CP 67 comes into existence. Our target is to develop a favorable reputation in the real estate world with projects that speak out quality.
By building opulent commercial and retail spaces, CP 67 has already marked a privileged benchmark. In the upcoming years, we plan to pioneer new client-driven trends that redefine the Indian real estate landscape in a better way.

Designed efficiently, companies can easily customize their office space and optimize workspace output. Many organizations have marked their establishments for being the part of CP 67 for long terms.

However, meticulous attention has been paid to each detail, making IT facilities easy to avail for clients. Hence, it is one of the most admirable commercial properties in Punjab. We offer you cutting-edge telecommunication, emergencies & maintenance systems.


Future Ready Offices
Future Ready Offices

Technologically driven spaces to grow business efficiently!

Future Ready Offices
Well Connected Location

Better the connectivity, the more ease is the convenience!

Future Ready Offices

A comfortable and modern lifestyle contributes to luxury!