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With the headway in technology, organizations extend two-venture beyond setting up foundations, administrations, and offices. For each business to launch on an extraordinary note, IT space is mandatory to deal with productively.

Be it for schooling or professions; people pick Mohali because of the tremendous open doors and potential outcomes it holds. With advanced organizations in training and the cutting edge corporate area, CP67 has assembled a much-broadened arrangement of notoriety.

What’s CP67 Bringing Better?

While growing its roots in the Indian IT hub, CP 67 is on the top. We aim to promote a positive standing in the real estate sector with projects that stand up to quality.

By building lavish IT and retail spaces, CP 67 has expressed an advantaged benchmark. We intend to pioneer new customer-driven patterns that superiorly reclassify Indian real estate in the coming years.

Planned effectively, organizations can undoubtedly remodel their office space and upgrade work area yield. Numerous associations have denoted their foundations for being part of CP 67 for long terms.

Anyway, particular attention has been paid to each detail, making IT offices simple to benefit customers. Subsequently, it is one of the most praiseworthy business properties in Mohali, Punjab. We offer you top-notch telecommunications, networks, and maintenance systems.

IT space in Mohali at CP 67 will get you financial experts and business visionaries who might need to possess the spot for longer periods. It upgrades the business productivity and reduces minor troubles because of a network break. We have a mutually advantageous system for both the occupant and the landowner.

We are something beyond a specialist IT space provider in the Mohali locale. We monitor your necessities and provide you the ideal IT space to run your business. At CP 67, you will get advanced IT services with all the modernized technologies. You need to “switch on” your PC to get started. Everything is hassle-free here. Once you come here, you never want to go anywhere. We have the best office space for rent in Mohali.

Serving over 120+ customers, our work area designs incorporate commercial office space, IT offices, virtual workplaces, cooperating spaces, and shared workplaces.

Serving over 120+ customers, our work area designs incorporate commercial office space, IT offices, virtual workplaces, cooperating spaces, and shared workplaces.

Key Features Of Our IT Workspace are as follows

  • Best planned office spaces
  • Entrepreneur friendly
  • Centrally located
  • Spacious offices for big staff companies
  • 24 Hours Water Supply
  • 24 Hours Power Backup
  • Ample Parking For Vehicles
  • Fully Air Condition
  • Fully Furnished
  • High-Speed Elevators
  • Furnishing Status
  • Pantry

We have suitable office space for your IT business.

With the Internet and utility arrangement and innumerable setups accessible, there is a work area out there prepared for you to move in and make it your own. The Tech tower floors most suited for IT companies are as adaptable as you need them to be.

We realize that only commercial leases don’t work for everybody. IT Offices at CP 67 allow you to pursue all available office spaces, regardless of whether you need long-haul dependability, moving agreements, or quick comfort.

It’s speedy, simple, and smart.

With CP 67, all your IT needs will be fulfilled on time. With great amenities, we make a benchmark in providing IT office spaces in the Mohali region.


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Future Ready Offices

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Future Ready Offices
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