CP 67, located near the International Airport, offers office space designed to international standards and equipped with all of the latest amenities.

We offer a wide choice of economical and luxury office spaces in Mohali and are known for our creatively built projects, world-class amenities, and architectural brilliance. It’s a great professional facility available for lease or purchase, with modern styling and exquisite finishing.


If you’re looking for an office in Mohali, look no further! Happiness is well-known to be the central tenet of any society. Following that, CP 67 moves forward with distinguished establishments that are needed in today’s corporate world.

Our corporate and IT office space in Mohali is a dynamic, well-constructed, and developing project that evolves, improvises, and regulates itself evenly to keep up with our ever-sprawling cities. Homeland’s CP 67, on the other hand, has become synonymous with being the greatest in the real estate business.

Communication and creativity are the cornerstones of our work ethic. We are the developers, eager and willing to spend our loving energy and efforts into the attempt of full bloom, whether it is individual or information. We achieve the spacious and pleasant environments that the corporate world requires by combining a consistent and unified quality standard with exceptional customer service.

We provide modernized amenities for employees, visitors, and entrepreneurs. It features outstanding dining, convenient parking, and ideal lounges.

Find affordable office space in Mohali for rent with CP 67. We can provide you with completely furnished office space that is exceptional in design and equipped with all the latest amenities. CP 67 is a renowned establishment that is demanded in today’s corporate industry.

A Workplace That Inspires You To Grow

Mohali’s CP 67 is strategically located to boost businesses and stimulate growth in all areas. This is the time to book your office space now!

Searching for commercial property has never been easier or more cost-effective.
CP 67 gives you a wide range of options to pick from when it comes to your commercial ventures. We seek to provide world-class services to make your work experience as luxurious and convenient as possible.

We are delighted with our office spaces, which combine an aura of exclusivity with the warmth of a carefully chosen, close group of businesspeople.

Special characteristics of CP.67 offices:


Individual work floors appear to be a great investment for your complete organization to grow continuously, specifically once you get to determine the style, atmosphere, and vibe of everything your company represents.

Office Space Rent

We realize the importance of focusing on your growing business, and when time is limited, you may have to outsource the architectural tasks to us, then we will design and build it for you!

Work Stations

Is this a one-person team? Are you planning to start a business soon? We’ve also got you covered!
CP 67 has workstations available for you to develop your team.


Our in-house Cafeteria manager understands the need to power through those long, hectic days at work.

Rooms for Meetings

Overcome those Business Meetings by captivating your clients or strategizing during your Team Meetings.


We give you complete flexibility to develop a room that meets your needs, or we can do it for you!

Key Features Of Our IT Workspace are as follows

  • Unmatched Sense of Arrival
  • Unparalleled Location
  • Secure and safe biometric access
  • Lifestyle office spaces
  • Zero debt project
  • Reputed builders


Future Ready Offices
Future Ready Offices

Technologically driven spaces to grow business efficiently!

Future Ready Offices
Well Connected Location

Better the connectivity, the more ease is the convenience!

Future Ready Offices

A comfortable and modern lifestyle contributes to luxury!