Cp67 New feed – Umang Jindal

This is undoubtedly the biggest and the most noteworthy development for CP 67 by Homeland Group.

Mr. Umang Jindal, Amity University alumni and an esteemed student of the respected University of Bath, has inherited the vision of his father and combined it with his undying passion for quality real estate. This has led to the young lad receiving a very coveted title from Karan Gilotra, Chairman, Punjab State Chapter.

Yes, Mr. Jindal has been appointed as the new chairman of the Punjab Housing and Urban Development Committee under the Punjab State Chapter of PHD Chamber for this year i.e. 2020!

This development is a result of the constant involvement and rich experience that have been displayed by Jindal in the field of real estate.

The Punjab State Chapter is now looking forward to several positive developments here after including constructive activities in the field of real estate and constant support for the membership drive in the state.

We all know that Umang Jindal has been playing a very pivotal role in the development of some of the most ambitious housing projects initiated by the Homeland Group across Mohali and several neighbouring regions of Northern India.

Mr. Jindal has also been honoured with the north India Entrepreneurs Award in 2014 all because of his extraordinary commitment towards development of real estate and expansion of his empire, all the while making more advanced, traditional and functional real estate products accessible to people of various income groups.

Umang Jindal is known for his relentless contribution towards and activities in the real estate market. With his upcoming project CP 67 he expands to reach investors and home buyers of every income group. This ambitious project boasts of 2,000 car parking slots and 126 apartments in addition to 165 office spaces. The dedication and motivation with which Jindal has worked to expand his inheritance and empower the real estate industry are phenomenal and these characteristics have led him to achieve so much at such a young age.